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Drive Traffic and Sell Online With Affordable Monthly PPC Packages

Paid advertising is an alternative tool to search engine optimisation that drives traffic to your site. It helps your site appear above and below the organic search results in Google or other search engines. Unlike SEO strategies that need time to be implemented and get results, paid ads help drive leads to your site right after the campaign is launched. Besides direct B2C and B2B sales, this marketing tool can also help increase brand awareness and get you established in the market.

Expert PPC Services

Let’s boost your presence online with a PPC strategy from our experts. We specialise in marketing for brewing businesses and have developed effective pay-per-click management packages that will bring customers to your site.

With compelling ad copy and professionally optimized campaigns, your business will stand out in Google ads. All our packages include not only setup and optimization, but regular monitoring and adjusting the process to get maximum results with lower click rates.

PPC Statistics


45% of small businesses invest in pay-per-click advertising and consider it the #1 tool for lead generation.


75% of people say paid search ads make it easier to find the information they search for, according to Clutch.


PPC visitors to a retailer site are 50% more likely to buy a product than those who came from an organic link.


63% of people said they’d click on a Google ad, says Search Engine Land.


According to Wordstream, 46% of the total clicks go to the top three paid advertising positions.


72% of companies haven’t looked at their ad campaigns in over a month.

Included in Our PPC Packages

The Core of Our Monthly PPC Packages

Ad Account Setup

We create and set up a new Google Ads account for your business. If you already have it, we make an audit to ensure it is fully optimised.

Keyword Research

We do in-depth keyword research to define words that your potential customers use in Google searches. Then, we segment the keywords for further testing.

Ad-Copy Creation

We write compelling ad copy and extensions so that your ads show maximum performance and drive more conversions.

Ongoing Optimisation

Regular monitoring and optimisation consist of keyword and ad checks, as well as general settings adjustments for better results.

Comprehensive PPC Packages

Monthly, Fixed Price Packages

Straightforward Plans, No Contracts

Our specialists have a lot of experience in the optimisation of pay-per-click campaigns for breweries. We will target the most relevant terms with low competition but yet high search volume, so your adverts will be shown to the right audience, and the budget will not be wasted on highly competitive keywords.

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PPC Package Details Explained

Google Ads Account Setup

Prior to starting the PPC campaign, we need to have a fully set up ad account that will have a billing source attached. There are different options provided by Google: you can be charged monthly, per campaign, or after you have reached the spending limit.

You will be directly charged by the platform, while you pay us only for the services we provide.

Keyword Research

Paid ads campaigns cannot be set up without keywords related to your products and services. With the help of refined keyword research and competition analysis, we create campaigns with optimum relevancy and quickly grow ad authority for your website.

Ad Copy Creation

We create a bunch of ads in all possible variations. This helps to do thorough testing and establish the best-performing ones which get the most clicks. But even perfect ads need to be analysed and adjusted on a regular basis. Google algorithms constantly change, so we need to keep up with them and show both search engines and users the optimised copies that lead to relevant target pages.

Maintenance and Optimisation

When it comes to paid ads, competition is always high. It is crucial to monitor key metrics of the ads (cost per click, conversion rate) as well as look for new keyword opportunities and test them to deliver better results.

What Our Customers Are Saying About Us

Before Mash Tun Media got involved, our website was un-managed and little did we know, a complete security mess – they made me feel reassured instantly.

Travis Amos, Founder at THDC

Can’t recommend the team at MTM enough – can’t believe how dedicated to microbreweries their services are – they’re unique!

Dan Curtis, The Beer Jacket

Exceptional value! They always go above and beyond and haven’t stopped surprising us – we see them as an extension of our team.

Steve Consalvi, Founder at BLB

Growing the business online was a no brainer – but finding a team to support that growth was far less simple. This team is pretty special – and they love beer almost as much as I do!

Dane Wilson, Sound Brewery

100% recommend! Got us on to page 1 of Google pretty much right away. Completely hands off for me – the way I love it.

Hayley Rees, Founder at Inspired Learners

I thought having our branding nailed was the key to success – but Mash Tun Media showed us how to take those “ingredients” and actually build brand awareness. Not simple for them, but easy for me!

Colin Edwards, Brewer at Tickety Brew

Google PPC Services to Grow Your Microbrewery Brand Online

Effective Pay-Per-Click Packages

Our pay-per-click packages are designed to bring the most value to your small or medium brewing business via professionally set up ads. You don’t have to spend huge budgets on campaigns. Each of our packages has an affordable price for the range of services included.

Trusted Pay-Per-Click Management Company

We are an experienced team of PPC professionals focused on the delivery of thorough keyword research, compelling ad copy, and high-performing ads within small budgets. Many companies spend thousands of pounds on poorly optimised campaigns without knowledge of whether the target audience actually sees their ads. We optimize each ad for relevant terms so that it shows only to users who search for this keyword and are highly interested in your product or service.

Pay-Per-Click Services in the UK

Our team of experienced paid ads experts is located in Northampton and works with small and medium-sized brewing businesses across the UK. We know how to bring the best results for your company with proven marketing tools, while you can concentrate on other business goals.

Ready to Do Something Great With Your Brand?

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is PPC?

PPC stands for Pay-Per-Click. These are adverts placed in prominent positions in search engines. These adverts are charged per click, hence the name. PPC advertising is an alternative to SEO (search engine optimisation), which is a specialist service that aims to help increase your organic (non-paid) search rankings. Often PPC and SEO campaigns are run side by side for maximum exposure.

PPC or pay-per-click is the type of advertising with its placement above or below search results in Google or another engine. As the name implies, the adverts will be charged per click, and the cost of clicks will depend on the competition level, as well as the quality of the ad. PPC ads work well together with search engine optimisation but also can be a stand-alone marketing tool for your brewery.

What Are Pay-Per-Click Management Services?

PPC services include the creation and optimisation of paid ads in order to achieve better results, whether it’s brand awareness or product sales. The term PPC applies not only to ads in search engines but on social media, too.

Information About Us & Our Services

Low-Cost PPC Packages

If you are searching for PPC management for marketing campaigns, Mash Tun Media specialists will optimise your paid adverts and get the results you need. Detailed keyword research and regular optimisation provided by our team will help you increase sales and achieve your business goals.

Our low-cost PPC packages include proven services and techniques along with an individual approach for every client.

How We Deliver Results

Today there are many specialists who offer services in the online marketing field, yet this cannot guarantee a return on your investment. The reason behind it is that most of the adverts are created in a bulk and without correct segmentation of the audience.

While creating PPC campaigns, we make sure that each advert is fully optimised and will be shown to the right users. To achieve this goal, we do thorough research and check the quality of every advert.

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